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Competitive Strategy of Woolworths and Qantas-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Competitive Strategy of Woolworths and Qantas Answer: Woolworths Ltd. Woolworths Limited is the leading supermarket chain of Australia. It operates with more than 900 stores in Australia and provides customers with the value services and convenience. This company has been chosen because it excels in its field which is made possible because it maintains close relationships with the Australian suppliers and makes the products available at the best possible price. The supermarket is famous for its fresh food for people. It is also famous for providing innovative services which helps customers in accessing its services easily. The supermarket is the part of Woolworths group which is one of the biggest groups of Australia into much diverse range of businesses (Woolworths, 2017). Woolworth is a well-known name in the supermarket and grocery industry. The company has reached this platform by developing a set of tactics for making its strategies so that it can achieve its goals and objectives. The company identified its markets and focussed on what should be provided to the customers to satisfy their needs and requirements. The company focuses on the value products which are provided right from the farmers and suppliers into the kitchen of the customers which means that they provide fresh food. The customers prefer Woolworths because it believes in providing convenience to the customers. That is how it becomes a retailer which provides excellence in its services. Woolworths make this possible with the help of great retail team which listen to the customers (Sosiawani, et al., 2015). The company runs a Voice of the Customer Programme in which it receives feedbacks from its customers on a daily basis. These feedbacks are considered by the team of employees to imp rove the offerings of the customers and to improve the shopping experience of the customers. The main aim of the supermarket brand is to make lives of the Australian population better every day. The brand rethinks and innovates day by day so that it can accomplish its aim. Retailers have to bring something new every day so that the customers demands can be fulfilled. The company uses technology to respond to the customers demands and requirements. The company is creating new and innovative ways so that the customers shop with the company (Ackermann and Eden, 2011). The company uses mobile technology to create better experiences for shoppers. It is used to create access for the customers to products from every corner of the world. The company is investing in the areas which open many gates for the business. The business now operates on websites, mobile applications, and physical stores and also provides doorstep delivery option. The company has brought innovations in its services like it has opened fresh Sushi bars and other Fish, Bake and Bake stores where the consumers can confidently cook their food and no extra costs is charged from them. This shows how the brand has imitated its business as per the culture and geographical requirements of different locations where the businesses operate. The company also considers the different economic conditions of the customers and then provides its services as per the requirement (Mainardes, Ferreira and Raposo, 2014). Qantas Airways Qantas Airways is the largest domestic and international airlines of Australia. This company is selected because of its excellence in safety and customer services. The airlines cover some of the most famous and beautiful destinations across the globe. The company believes in providing great experience to its customers and thats how it creates its own success story. The company is Australias most experienced airlines which carry the trust of its travellers. The brand has also won some of the customer and industry awards which show its excellence in the industry (Qantas, 2017). Qantas Airways, being the most famous and largest airline brand of Australia have certain features which makes it best in the industry. The brand has gone through much transformation and privatised in 1991. Since then, it is continuously making its place in the domestic as well as international markets. The group uses its features like safety, service excellence and strong performance to build up strategies through which it can accomplish its goals and vision (Pearce, 2017). The company focuses on loyalty from its customers which helps it in making the huge customer base. It also has customers in the form of corporate groups which forms a big part of its revenue. The company is still struggling in the international markets but trying its best by focusing on the personalised needs of the customers. This is how they provide value to the customers. The company have a good and dedicated team of employees which is its resources and it also uses its capabilities to sustain in the market. T hat is how the company is able to meet its goals (Afonina, 2015). The brand pushes its employees to bring innovation so that the future needs can be met. For this, the company have also launched certain programs which will help the company in identifying different alternatives to lower down the costs of the carriers and to create a competitive advantage in the industry. This is how the company can gain success today with an effort of gaining success for future. The business develops new business model which helps the business in achieving success by beating the excessive competition in the industry (Flynn, 2014). The new business models of the company also enhance the value of the brand by extending the business models. The company uses its existing assets and capabilities to achieve its goals and objectives. The company also uses CAGE model according to which it adopts the culture and administration of different locations and also keep in mind the economic situations of different user groups so that the services can be provided according and to sa tisfy the customers to maintain loyalty. The company has good link ups with various global fleets which helps it in extending its business access and increasing the number of its customers. This is how the company is able to gain the position of the leader in the industry (Mainardes, Ferreira and Raposo, 2014) References Ackermann, F and Eden, C 2011, Strategic management of stakeholders: Theory and practice,Long range planning,44(3), pp.179-196. Afonina, A 2015, Strategic management tools and techniques and organizational performance: Findings from the Czech Republic,Journal of Competitiveness,7(3). Flynn, D 2014, Qantas, Emirates lead as Australia's top international airlines, Australian Business Traveller. Mainardes, E W, Ferreira, J J and Raposo, M L 2014, Strategy and strategic management concepts: are they recognised by management students?,E+ M Ekonomie a Management, (1), p.43. Pearce, R 2017, Qantas to back startups in innovation push, Computer World. Qantas, 2017, Our company. Retrieved from Sosiawani, I, Ramli, A, Mustafa, M and Yusoff, R Z 2015, Strategic Planning and Firm Performance: A Proposed Framework,International Academic Research Journal of Business and Technology,1(2), pp.201-207. Woolworths, 2017, About Us. Retrieved from

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